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Serving at-risk and low-income youth in Jefferson County with mentorship and experiential learning opportunities. 

Thanks for your interest. We weren't able to connect the dots that would allow this program to thrive for 22/23 school year. We may try it again in a few years, but for now, we are in mothballs. Happy travels!

What We Do

We believe strongly in expanding horizons to support healthy youth and a healthy society.  Often, at-risk and low income kids don't have the opportunity for outside experiences.  These trips are designed to foster personal growth, provide mentorship and expand cultural horizons, while developing life-long skills.  Our aim is to serve youth who have been impacted by socio-economic status and adverse childhood experiences. 

Weekend Trips

On weekend trips, we will take both middle and high school aged students, in small groups, to cultural centers in King County.  We will eat, shop, and play while learning about the diverse people and cultures of Washington State.  After surveying the cuisines of several cultures, and shopping for food and spices that we've never seen before, we will create an ethnically inspired meal for our community at home to end the year.  Participants will see new things, learn valuable skills and obtain a food handler's card as part of the program. 

Summer Trips

For high school students, a summer trip to San Bartolo, Baja del Sur, in Mexico will provide an opportunity to explore the cultural and environmental richness of Mexico.  We will shop in Spanish, make chutney in our on-site culinary school from the fruit of the orchard and shop for dulce de leche and machaca that is made in our village.  Regionally, we will visit historical museums and take a boat tour to see the very active sea life in the Sea of Cortez.  We will even help students obtain a passport!


The Goal

Together we will learn to navigate new places, learn new skills, interact with different kinds of people and experiences, and bring home treasures from the journey.  The goal is an increased sense of connection with the greater world and confidence in one's ability to adapt and grow. 



...let's get out of here! 

(at least for a little while) 

This program will prioritize support for students who qualify based on need or referral.  Please fill out the contact form below for more information.


This organization is

501 c 3

approved and

registered with

Washington State


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Jeffco Vamonos  provides opportunities for low-income and at-risk youth at reduced or no cost.   This mission depends on donations and grant funding. 


Proud recipient of Jefferson County's
Spark Joy Grant 

Local Business Sponsors

Edensaw Woods

The Food Co-op

Shanghai Restaurant

Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop  
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About Us

Program Director

Amy Bartlett


With a bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology and a master's degree in educational psychology, Amy has developed this program to support at-risk youth through mentorship and experiential learning in a cultural context. Amy has worked as a parent, school volunteer, YMCA tutor, and 'office lady' for Chimacum School District, including stewardship of the homeless youth program.

As the host of these field trips, Amy will offer kids knowledgeable guidance as they navigate new experiences, learn new skills and build new friendships. 

This program is designed to bring educational psychology to life, in fact, to bring education to life, in the hearts and minds of developing youth.  The kids are alright! 


Dawn Heathman - Behavior Intervention Assistant

Gretchen Berg - Teacher, Chimacum School District


Carianna Bell - Teacher, Chimacum School District

Shawn Meacham - Teacher, Chimacum School District

Blair Francis - Business Owner, Corvidae Construction

Amanda Kingsley - Business Owner, Magpie Alley 

Jeffco Vamonos
PO Box 1430
Port Hadlock, WA 98339

Now is the time

Please let us know you'd like to join us for trips by completing the contact box. 


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What is culture?

Culture is defined as the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, and the arts.

All people have a culture. Sometimes cultures look different even when people are from the same country.  When we discover new cultures, we can learn a lot about what different people value and how they think the world should be organized.

Food is just one of the many (and most tasty) ways to learn about the various ways that people live on earth.  Some cultures focus their meals on vegetables, while others value beans and rice, some rely heavily on meat, but maybe it's not the kind of meat that you and I usually eat. 


We will talk about why these food choices have become staples, we will talk about whether it's yummy (each with their own opinion), and we will decide what we want to try to make at home.  In addition, each trip will involve a culturally-themed activity and a little shopping for things we've never seen before!

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